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Prairie Home Pet Care
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Call or text us : (303) 242-1357

Professional in-home pet care

Live, work and travel knowing that your pets are in the very best hands after your own!

Text Alerts & Tracked Walks

Upon arriving to visit your pets, we’ll send a text alert. Once our visit is over, we’ll send an update for your peace of mind. Dog walks will be tracked via GPS and included with our update.

Home Services

During our visits we can provide a variety of home services such as bringing in the mail, alternating lights, taking out the trash & recycling, watering plants, etc. All at no additional charge. 

Farm & Ranch Care

We’re experienced in the care of all manner of farm/ranch animals. We can manage feeding, mucking, turnout, giving meds/supplements, and coordinating with farriers and veterinary care as needed. 

The best care for your best friend

Pet families who want the best pet care choose PROFESSIONALS. That’s us! Caring for animals is our full time business, and it’s our passion. Prairie Home Pet Care has been a registered business in good standing serving Parker, Franktown & Elizabeth since 2013. We are insured, trained in pet CPR & first aid, and are members of Pet Sitters International. Most importantly, we love animals and have decades of hands-on experience.

The Benefits of In-Home Care

Happier at Home

In-home pet sitting ensures less stress and continuity of care. As a result, pets are happy and relaxed.

No Interruptions

Your pet will follow their customary diet & exercise routines while enjoying loving attention in familiar surroundings. 

Secure & Healthy Home Environment

Staying at home limits your pet’s exposure to health and safety concerns

No More Travel Trauma

Your pet won’t be upset and you won’t be inconvenienced by the need for transportation to a boarding facility. 

The very best quality care

It’s more than our job, it’s our passion. 

Customized visits

We care for your pets just as you would.

We offer a variety of pet care services

Prices include up to 3 pets. Multiple pets are welcome and will incur a small additional fee depending on number & type of pets.

  • Dog Walking
  • Daily Pet Visits
  • Overnight Stays
  • Farm/Ranch Sitting
  • Pet Taxi
  • Pet Food/Supplies Delivery

Dog Walking

Does your pup need some exercise? We can schedule walks for morning, mid-day, dinnertime or evenings! We’ll provide you with a GPS tracked map of our walk.







Pet Sitting

Our visits can include walks, playtime, feeding, brushing, administering meds or whatever your pet needs and enjoys. After our visit, we always text you an update.







Overnight Stay

Includes a minimum 10-hr overnight stay and visits during the day. We’ve got your pets covered around the clock, and we can customize our stays to meet your pets needs.


  • 10+hr stay
  • with dinnertime visit


  • 10+hr stay
  • with mid-day & dinnertime visits

Farm & Ranch Sitting

Whether you have equines, alpacas, cows, goats, chickens, ducks, etc., we can be your vacation ranch hands while you’re away. We are experienced working with all manner of barnyard pets and are prepared to take care of them just as you would.

Each and every farm/ranch is unique and requires different levels of service. Please contact us to go over your animals’ needs and routines, and we’ll provide you with a quote.

Pet Taxi

We can drop off and/or pick up your pets from the vet, groomer, daycare, etc. We’ll make sure they have potty breaks and water as needed.

Per 30 minutes


Pet Food & Supplies Delivery

We’ll fetch any food, treats, litter, toys, etc. from your favorite local suppliers and deliver them right to your door.

Per delivery


Meet the Team




Robin Jagoda

Robin started PHPC in 2013 after a career as a fitness coach & cardiac/pulmonary rehab specialist. She has a long history of volunteering for rescue orgs., and has rehabilitated many sick & injured animals.

Davide Ulivieri

A long time animal lover and a former military officer and fitness coach, Davide is also the founder of Cycle 4 Strays, long distance cycling events designed to promote animal welfare in developing nations.

Our Policies

New Clients & In-Home Consultation2021-02-06T20:54:46+00:00

We require an initial “meet and greet” consultation before accepting any new pet sitting or dog walking assignment. This is an obligation-free meeting that allows us to get acquainted with you and your pet(s). Subsequent pet sitting assignments will not require an in-person meeting once the initial meet & greet has taken place.

We know how important it is to feel comfortable and safe with the pet sitter who will be caring for your beloved animals and your home while you are away.  We tailor our services to meet your pet’s individual needs.


We accept cash, checks, Venmo and credit card payments. Checks or cash are preferred since the money we save on credit card processing fees goes to help fund our animal charity efforts. 

Invoices will be emailed the Sunday after you return home. Payment is due upon receipt.


Reservations should be made as soon as possible to ensure that we can reserve the days and times that you prefer. Please text, call or email to arrange for service. If you are a first time client, we will need to schedule a free in-home consultation prior to taking on the assignment. All reservations are confirmed via text. 

When you contact us to reserve your service, we will ask you for all of the necessary updates. Please alert us to  changes in animal care, any new pets, emergency contact numbers, and key and code changes.


In the event you need to cancel services, we require at least 48 hours of advance notice for daily visits & two weeks advance notice for overnight stays. This applies if your travel plans are extended for reasons other than emergencies or travel issues beyond your control (i.e., extreme weather, flight delays, traffic, etc.).

Clients will be responsible for full payment of services if the cancellation occurs without at least the requisite notice.

Before you leave2021-02-08T02:45:55+00:00

It is very important that we have all of the necessary and up-to-date care and contact information before you leave. Please make sure that keys and codes to gain access to your home are current and functioning. Also, please advise us if there are alarm code changes before you leave. We also advise that you notify your veterinarian that a petsitter will be caring for your pets, and leave your credit card on file with them in the case of an emergency. If locksmith or veterinary services are required, you will be responsible for the total bill.

Please leave specific instructions relating to the current visit if there are any changes in routine. While we will have the instructions from the original consultation on file, things may have changed slightly from the previous visit. Please leave food, medications, special treats and supplies in pre-designated areas.


We advise that you let us keep your key for future service or use a lock box and supply us with the code. For your security, names and addresses will never be placed on your key tags in the event a key is dropped or stolen. As an added benefit, you can enjoy the comfort of knowing that if you are delayed from working late or if you left the stove on, etc., we have a key and will be happy to help you out.

If you do not wish for us to retain your keys or to use a lock box, key pick-up and return charges will apply . It is a $10 charge for key pick-ups and a $10 charge for key returns. We will NOT pick up or leave keys “under the mat” or the like, and we will NOT lock the keys in the house on the last day.

Pet supplies2021-02-08T02:57:23+00:00

Our services include pet food and supply delivery (please see the service menu for pricing). If you do not wish to be charged for this additional service, please leave enough pet supplies (i.e. food, litter, treats) for your pets while you are away. Make sure to keep the supplies accessible and in pre-designated areas so that we don’t have to use up your pet’s time looking for hidden or missing items.

Special requests2021-02-08T02:59:48+00:00

We are more than happy to be flexible and accommodating when it comes to caring for your pets. All we ask is that you give us advance notice of any special requests (special diets, medications, etc).


In certain extreme weather situations, we reserve the right to alter our activity plans with your pet. For example, on an unusually hot summer day, we may shorten our walks and take frequent shade and water breaks. Any changes to scheduled activities will always be done with your pet’s best interests in mind.


In the event of an emergency situation or natural disaster, we will make every effort to secure your pets and your home. If your home environment is unsafe, your pets will be transported to a safe location (such as a nearby boarding facility or emergency shelter). If your pets have been injured or are in need of medical attention, we will transport them to their veterinarian if available, or to an emergency vet.

In addition, it is always a good idea to have a surplus of pet food, medication and supplies on hand. In an emergency situation, stores may not be open or may be inaccessible. 

Scheduling & appointment times2021-02-08T03:12:46+00:00

Appointments are scheduled within blocks of time. The morning block is 7am-9am, mid-day is 11am-2pm, & dinnertime is 4pm-7pm. Our latest daily visit will be at 7pm. Later times are reserved for overnight stays or special circumstances (i.e. medication administration). We strive to accommodate preferred times. Custom arrangements can be made on an individual basis to meet your pet’s needs. 

Returning home2021-02-28T02:20:28+00:00

Please contact us upon your return home. If we do not hear from you by your scheduled return date and time, we will contact you to confirm your return. In this way, we can continue to make visits and ensure your pet’s care if you are delayed. 

Our commitment to social responsibility

Founded by Davide in 2009 as a non competitive fundraising event, Cycle 4 Strays is dedicated to advancing the rights of homeless companion animals in developing nations. By pedaling long distance and unassisted, we aim to replicate the conditions that strays encounter every day, as they exist without living, hoping to raise awareness about their plight and about the importance of promoting spay & neuter as the only humane method of pet population control in the developing world. Join us or sponsor us as we spin forward towards a future with no more animal suffering. Thank you on behalf of all the furry wanderers!

2009 Tour of Costa Rica to benefit the McKee Project

Playa Zancudo to Sarchi to promote spay & neuter and responsible pet ownership to say No More Strays!

2010 From Utah to Costa Rica to benefit the McKee Project 

From the Best Friends Animal Sanctuary in Kanab, Utah, across Arizona, Mexico, Guatemala, Honduras, El Salvador, Nicaragua, to San Jose, Costa Rica in 60 days of unassisted, hard pedaling to bring attention to community animals and their wellbeing.

2012 Tour of Panama to benefit Spay Panama 

Alajuela, Costa Rica, to the Panama Canal and back to promote animal welfare.

2015 Tour of Florida to benefit The SNIP Foundation

Jacksonville to Key West to raise funds for spay & neuter in the developing world.

2018 Elephant Rock Century Ride to benefit The SNIP Foundation

A 1-day, 100-mile ride to raise awareness about the importance of spay & neuter as the only humane and sustainable method of pet population control.

Contact us

Call us today to schedule a free in-home consultation. Let’s get acquainted. We’d love to meet with you and your pets.


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